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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 20, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. a small plane from the bay area crashes into an orchard in bakersfield killing all five people on board. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. the plane took off from reid- hillview airport in san jose yesterday and crashed in an orchard near bakersfield. it was heading to an airport in henderson, nevada, near las vegas. kpix5's maria medina joins us live from san jose where investigators are trying to piece together how this happened. maria. >> reporter: as you said, the plane took off from here. this is reid-hillview airport. it was headed to henderson, which is in nevada. the plane crashed at about 4
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p.m. after investigators say the pilot made a mayday call and it disappeared off the radar. now crews were able to recover the debris and the five people who died on board. investigators are not saying much about the investigation, but we have learned that the plane is registered to rad aviation here in san jose and, of course, the big questions now are who were those five people on board and where were they headed just a few days before the big holiday and what caused their plane to crash? live in san jose maria medina, kpix5. >> thank you, maria. now live back in the bay area with shades of gray all around today, the stage was perfectly set on this, the eve of winter solstice, and it sure looks like it from the vantage point of our roof cam high atop battery and broadway in san francisco, raindrops on the camera lens, the bay bridge barely visible. there's more rain reaching the south bay tonight and especially the santa cruz
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mountains. roadways were quick on the approach to richmond bridge with people quick to get shopping in on the last weekend day before christmas. a bit of a gift after four years of drought in the form of more rain. hi-def doppler shows widely scattered showers most in the north bay at this hour. spreading the futurecast shows today's system heading south and drying up overnight, but tomorrow more rain willing coming in. you can see it clear to the south, but look what happens tomorrow. first the north bay again spreading south in. short we get more rain this week beginning with more showers tonight, more rain coming monday and at this point tuesday and wednesday also look wet and wait till you see what it means for the mountains. our camera from bald mountain in the sierra shows a few flurries, but more snow is on the way and lots of it. a little bit later on details about whether the sierra will see a white christmas. in fact, we might see a white christmas in the bay area. it's all coming up in in just
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minutes. it is football sunday and while many fans look forward to watching the game, more and more of them are betting on it through fantasy football websites. kpix5's anne makovec tells us it's become a big business that has one local lawmaker pushing to put the brakes on it. 8:16:34 - there's so much interest to make that money, that they to try to get away without regulation f >> this is the fantasy football season that could change it all. >> reporter: fantasy websites fanduel and draft kings have been hitting the jackpot bringing in nearly $1 billion in entrance fees last year. >> there's and -- so much interest to make that money they want to get away without regulation as long as they can. >> reporter: for now the sites are getting around the law banning online gambling insisting it's a game of skill and not chance. levine is not buying it. >> on online sports betting sites once you place your bet or wager, then the performance of the athletes takes over and you have no say if a player
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gets injured or benched. you don't have control. >> reporter: in new york a judge ordered the siteds to stop taking -- sites to stop taking bets after this state's attorney general mounted a campaign. >> the fact that you can do it on your phone any time, this is a very tempting venue for anyone who has gambling addiction problems. >> reporter: fanduel's ceo responded in a phone interview saying the company would pursue every legal option. >> we feel the a.g. office has taken a very accident dream and very sudden position that new york -- a very extreme and very sudden position that fans are not able to handle playing fantasy sports. >> reporter: football fans are crying foul. >> i think it's another way for our government or state to get involved in something that is entertainment just to make money off of it. >> reporter: levine wants california's attorney general to shut down the site here until better regulation is in place. for now he says it's a losers' game. >> you might be able to win some money, but usually 1 to 2%
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of the players win all the money. >> so far no word from california's attorney general on this. her spokesperson says she's declining to comment on a pending matter. in the newsroom anne makovec, kpix5. >> and we do want to note cbs has an investment in fanduel. it's less than 1% of that company's value. well, another loss for the 49ers today and that may not be a complete surprise. fans have pretty much given up on the team this year and many are trying to sell their season tickets. the 9ers are now 4-10 on the season. dennis will have more on the game later in sports. take a look at. this. for the second time this season an airplane flew over levi's stadium pulling a banner that says hold jed accountable. of course, it's a reference to team owner jed york. some fans want him to publicly apologize for making what they think are bad decisions. yesterday marked 50 days until the super bowl here in the bay area. >> today we found a funny video made by the city of san mateo
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showing all the excitement. >> 50 days until the big game. >> 50 days until the big game? yea! 50 days until the big game! 50 days until the big game! super bowl -- which is w video. and you >> well, san mateo will be holding some special events leading up to the super bowl which is why they made this video. you can see the big game right here on kpix5 on february 7th. coming up an air france jet forced to make an emergency landing. passengers scrambled down the inflatable chutes, the fake device that created the chaos. >> democratic candidates for president have criticized the gop during last night's debate and tonight how the republicans are now firing back.
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it was a threat so big, passengers had to escape do emergency chutes and run for their lives. a bomb scare forced a flight to land in kenya. passengers had to escape down emergency chutes and run from their lives. a suspicious device was discovered in the bathroom on the paris bound flight. it was a box rigged with cardboard, sheets of paper and a household timer made to look like a bomb. turned out to be a fake.
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authorities believe someone put it in a lavatory during the flight. 459 passengers and 14 crew members were on board. this is the fourth bomb hoax against air france since the paris terror attacks. and a horrific scene in china where a massive landslide toppled buildings and left dozens of people missing in the southern city. 14 people survived. it is not clear what caused the earth to move. residents say the hill that slid was manmade created in the past two years by the dumping of dirt excavated from construction sites. campaign 26 teen, a new -- 2016 a new cbs poll shows support for donald trump is slipping in iowa. texas senator ted cruz is gaining ground with 40% of likely caucusgoers support while donald trump came in at
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31% in iowa but leading the national polls followed by marco rubio at 12% and carson at 6%. a lot of the republican candidates spent the day firing back at their rivals following last night's democratic debate. cbs reporter wendy gillette has more. >> i will fight her. >> reporter: several republican candidates for president fired back sunday disputing comments hillary clinton made during saturday night's debate including her position on syria. >> we now finally are where we need to be. we have a strategy and a commitment to go after isis. >> reporter: republican carly fiorina says that's not the case. >> she has gotten every policy challenge wrong and no, mrs. clinton, we are not where we need to be regarding isis. >> reporter: all of the front
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runners -- runners talked about donald trump. >> he is becoming isis' best recruiter. they are going to people showing video of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> reporter: trump responded sunday morning by phone. >> it's nonsense. it's just another hillary lie. she lies like crazy about everything. >> reporter: the latest cbs analysis shows trump is still way out in front in new hampshire and north carolina. but it also shows ted cruz has taken the lead in iowa, the first state to weigh in on the presidential campaign on february 1st. wendy gillette for cbs news. up next they didn't want to become a crime statistic, how two customers fought back against an armed man who tried to rob them. >> we apprehended another round of rain headed for the bay area, the forecast and it's a wet one as we look live at the golden gate bridge all coming up after the break. ,,,,
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suspected robbery suspect in florida this weekend. surveillance video shows a n entering a con the tables were turned on a suspected robbery suspect in florida this weekend. surveillance video shows a man entering a convenience store in coral gables and confronting two customers at the counter. police say he demanded their money and threatened to shoot everyone in the store unless they complied. however, the customers foiled his plans and wrestled the suspect to the ground and held him until police arrived. >> it's a very brave act. they thought that's a bad guy. we got to take him down. >> the two men who brought the suspect down took a minute to catch their breath. police say fortunately their split second decision to fight back paid off. the man behind the hoodie posed for his mugshot with a bloody
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bandage across his head. and a germ zapping robot is roaming the halls at a high school in new orleans. the robotic terminator students call morti is on a mission to decontaminate the most commonplaces for germs. the company who built the robot says it can kill infections like ebola and anthrax with a special light. >> it emits a uvc light that is thousands of times more intense than sunlight and when it does that, that uvc light that it's emitting kills whatever germs are in the room. >> well, the robot costs about $100,000 will be used in high traffic areas in the school. the numbers are in.... many film experts predicted the new star wars movie would bring in big bucks at the box office this weekend and now the numbers are in. >> nothing will stand in our way.
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i will finish. >> the force awakens raked in $238 million this weekend. that makes it the biggest north american debut of all time. last summer's jurassic park previously held that title. [ organ music ] >> that's the theme from star wars playing on a church organ. a special service in berlin, germany, today was themed around the film. some carried lightsabers and dressed up as their favorite characters. even the pastor got in the star wars spirit. 500 people attended the mass, more than double the typical number of churchgoers who show up on sundays. and a spectacular sight near spokane, washington, this morning. these are images of the northern lights just east of the city. ionosphere. that usu they're created when particles from the sun collide with the earth's ionisphere that usually makes the skylight up in curtains of either green or pink. the best time to see the lights
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is in the winter from places like northwestern canada or alaska. >> the farther north the better, ergo, the northern lights. >> beautiful. we won't see any because we've got plenty of clouds around the bay area and the same thing happening now as we approach 6:00 that we see most of the day which is rain concentrated as it is mostly in a rain from san francisco to oakland, napa county, sonoma county, marin county, but not so much down south. as we look across the airport in a compressed shot with levi's stadium in the background, 51 at concord, oakland 52 degrees, livermore 52 and san jose 53. here's the time lapse. you see the moisture spilling over the top of a ridge in the eastern pacific. that has just led to rain all day today north of the golden gate and a little misting here and there in the south bay, but the south bay will pick up more rain tonight, so far today not
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much. .01-inch at mountain view, .04 at union city, san francisco 1/5-inch in marin. petaluma winner, .59. the rain spreads south especially into the santa cruz mountains even as it eases unin the north bay. tomorrow we've got -- up in the north bay. tomorrow we've got more widespread rain, a somewhat more potent system, but still we're generating averages that are less than 1/2 inch of rain for the most part. so that all week this week we'll accumulate 1 to 2 inches of rain, more in the mountains, but north of sonoma county 5 inches of rain plus for mendocino. how about the winds? they ease up. the brighter colors head south. so this is tomorrow morning, not bad, but look at the bright color spread from the top part of your screen over the rest of the bay area so that by tomorrow night we've got gusts in the 30s as that front approaches. you can see very beautifully
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without the approach at the toll plaza at the bay bridge, rain tuesday, wednesday and thursday, snow in the mountains, 12 to 18 inches of new snow. in fact, if you look at the futurecast for the sierra, more than 2 feet of snow up in mount shasta, so the forecast shows snow in the mountains and rain in the central valley and today is the eve of winter solstice, comes in tomorrow night at 8:48, the longest night of the year tomorrow night. overnight lows tonight will be mostly 40s in the bay area. sunrise tomorrow morning 7:21, upper 50s, low 60s temperatures tomorrow. extended forecast shows rain tomorrow, rain tuesday, a break on wednesday. we should get some sun. one final system comes in on christmas eve and christmas day itself looks mostly sunny and a cold enough system it would not be a surprise if mount diablo
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and mount hamilton got a little dusting of snow just in time for christmas. dennis looks impressed. >> the weather seems to be matching the state of the bay area football teams. could the raiders rookie receiver keep their playoff hopes alive? kickoff next. ,,,,
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and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. remain alive in the playoff race.. s aaron rodgers at this stage of the season every raider game is a must win raider game to remain alive in the playoff race, packers aaron
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rodgers playing his first raiders game in oakland, how about that. 43 yards and the touchdown just like, that 14-0 packers. under two minutes to play in the half packers driving now leading 14-6. james starks got the ball to the 20. it's knocked loose, though, by benson mayowa who recovers it for oakland with 90 seconds left in the half. off that turnover oakland finally gets into the end zone. carr will find amari cooper who had a monster game. the raiders down 14-13 despite those mistakes it's a close game. 2nd half now 17-13, but then carr up top. guess who? amari cooper, 26-yard score and raiders lead 20-17 for the first time, but it was short lived. just three plays later rodgers to the former raider james jones 30-yard touchdown. green bay retakes the lead 24-
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20. oakland's offense did not score the rest of the game. the packers won 30-20 to clinch a playoff spot while the raiders are eliminated. >> you feel like the team -- [ couldn't hear question ] >> yeah. it could have been, but would have, could have, should have. you know how that goes, but the team has gotten better. the team i think is under great leadership under the direction of jack del rio and this team will be a team to look out for, trust me. it was a rare weekend when both raiders and 49ers were in town, san francisco hosting cincinnati minus their injured quarterback andy dalton, joe montana showing up for a halftime ceremony probably cringed at what he saw. a.j. mccarran starting in place of dalton who broke his thumb last week. late 1st half jeremy hill breaks through for a short score, his second of the game. 14-0 bengals. then it went from bad to
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embarrassing. vance mcdonald habit hold onto the ball and the deflection is -- can't hold onto the ball and the deflection is picked off. mccarran hooks up with the rookie tyler croft and be 40- yard store, 20 -- and a 40-yard score, 21-0. 4th quarter 49ers down just temple, 10, but blaine gabbert intercepts. tomsula asks why the team lacks focus this late into the season. >> i don't have the answer into why it's a problem today. i don't. i have to find that answer. >> i think the guys fought until the end. you saw it. i don't think effort was a problem, just more of lack of execution. the giants hoping to deliver the knockout blow to the panthers' perfect season.
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3rd quarter carolina up big, cam newton to ted ginn and the panthers 35-7 lead, ginn's 10th touchdown of the year. newton 340 yards and five touchdowns, but the giants would fight back. less than two minutes to play eli manning to odell beckham. new york scored 28 unanswered to tie the game 35-35. i mentioned newton's big day passing. did i also mention he ran for 100 yards? less than 30 seconds left newton scrambles for the 1st down to get the panthers into field goal range and graham gano from 43 yards out, this to keep his team undefeated through the uprights. panthers beat the giants 38-35 to improve to 14-0. they will play at atlanta next sunday. peyton manning missing his fifth straight game with a foot injury. broncos at pittsburgh, 2nd quarter, brock osweiler to
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damarius thomas for his first touchdown of the half. back come the steelers. early 4th quarter big ben to marcus wheat only. he -- markus wheaton. he scores to tie the game. less than five minutes left osweiler under pressure avoids the sack but he threw into double coverage, picked off by ryan shazier giving the steelers great field position and roethlisberger would capitalize, fires the strike to antonio brown, is he the mvp or what? 16 catches, 189 yards. two more touchdowns. pittsburgh ripped off 24 unanswered points to beat denver. here's what it looks like at the end of the day. new england and cincinnati clinched playoff spots. new england has a bye. kansas city, pittsburgh and the jets are tied for the final two wildcard berths. the raiders with a couple games left are officially eliminated. >> boy, they had their fan base. i know a lot of my friend were
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there today and got it all -- friends were there today and got it all over facebook. see you at 6:30.
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>> the democrats debate who would best defend the nation as our new poll brings good news for cruz and clinton in iowa, trump and sanders in new hampshire. a bomb scare diverts an air france flight. officials call it a hoax but does it expose a real threat to airline security? >> the concerning part for me is the household timer, what does that look like, how big of a timer is it? >> an olympic skier saved from serious injury but an air bag on his chest. and changing breakfast tastes, why cereal is slumping. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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